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Light is Sustainability

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Light is more than electromagnetic radiation

Light is life, light is security, light is innovation, light is culture, light is diversity and light is much more. Light is sustainability.

As a lighting expert, OSRAM is committed to the development of energy-efficient products, systems and solutions. This means that we have not only aligned our business activities for protecting the climate, but also help our customers to make savings in their energy costs. Implementing total environmental protection also means living the principle of sustainability internally - within our organization and through our activities: Acting in an environmentally-friendly, innovative and responsible manner, from product development through to recycling. In addition to the development of energy-saving products, this also includes research into and selecting the most environmentally-friendly raw materials, reducing production waste as far as possible, using environmentally-friendly packaging and using resources efficiently in all production processes.

Beyond our portfolio, as a globally active company we are also responsible for our activities throughout the world. This encompasses our business transactions, our dealings with customers and suppliers and our own production activities with regard to the environment and resources and to the health and safety of our employees. In all these areas we help reduce the impact and strengthen the positive effects with the aid of our appropriate management systems and organization.


Light means quality of life

Lighting solutions from OSRAM exploit the positive effects of light, and as part of coordinated lighting design promote, among other things, concentration, well-being and therefore quality of life.

Facts & figures

We act responsibly at different levels: in the social, economic and ecological spheres. Here you will find some examples of how our knowledge is put into practice and some facts and figures on sustainability.

Sustainability case studies

LED technology is a new dimension in the world of lighting. With high quality lamps you can save up to 90% in energy and costs compared to traditional lighting systems.

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