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Talent Attraction

In times of declining numbers of highly qualified newcomers and the unwillingness of employees to commit long-term to a company, employer branding at OSRAM is highly relevant for permanent business success.

Studies show that companies with successful employer brands benefit from increased quality of applications, lower recruitment costs, greater retention of key personnel, reduced staff turnover, and a higher degree of commitment from their employees. Successful employer branding therefore reduces personnel costs in the long run. It also increases business results and the company's competitiveness as an employer. For this reason, OSRAM sees targeted employer branding as an important means of sustainable corporate management.

Employee Value Proposition

We have defined worldwide employer positioning aligned with corporate objectives as one of our strategies as part of a major, multi-stage project. This Employee Value Proposition (EVP) provides a summary of what OSRAM has to offer as a global employer. The EVP will be implemented and anchored with employees and managers step by step using various measures.

To raise OSRAM's profile as an employer competing for the best new talent, the EVP will also be consistently communicated in direct dialog with our target groups via our social media activities and in an exchange with our target universities as well as in all advertising campaigns. It goes without saying that the OSRAM recruitment and onboarding processes are also based on the consistent integration of the EVP.

OSRAM has positioned itself as an attractive and credible employer. Continual development of profound and extensive employer branding based on our EVP will also ensure that our credibility and competitiveness as an employer are improved in future.

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