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Labor Practices

Adhering to international labor standards and fair working conditions is indispensable for the success of OSRAM as a global employer.

We are committed to the principles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. As a member of the UN Global Compact we support its principles. We expect our employees, suppliers and business partners to comply with the standards of the OSRAM Business Conduct Guidelines. Employees who have observed a possible violation of the OSRAM code of conduct or other corporate guidelines can report them via the “Tell OSRAM” reporting system.

Responsibility as an employer

As a responsible company we are committed to respecting and promoting human rights. We respect the human rights of all employees and expressly oppose child labor, as well as unethical and antisocial business practices. We do not discriminate with regard to ethnic origin, gender, religion, social background, disability, political views, or sexual orientation. We respect local laws on wages and salaries in all countries in which we operate. Our employees throughout the world have the right to freedom of organization and assembly. In countries where employee representative bodies have been established, we set great store by working as closely and constructively as possible with employee representatives. In fiscal 2016, 55% of our employees were represented by unions or works councils and were covered by collective agreements.

We strive to offer our employees variety, equality of opportunity and a safe and secure workplace with fair conditions. We will only be able to shape the future of light by working together with a team of committed employees. The systematic professional development, motivation and loyalty of our employees are therefore essential. Where redundancies are unavoidable as part of the technological shift and associated restructuring measures, OSRAM tries to manage these with the minimum possible social impact.

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