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Corporate Citizenship

360°-photo of the LiO 2016 winning concept "5th dimension" 

As a global company we are not only involved in a number of cultures and societies, but actively take responsibility for the people around us. As part of this involvement OSRAM promotes a variety of unique initiatives relating to education, science, art and culture, and supports social and humanitarian projects. At OSRAM it is also important that employees take part in charitable activities. Our employees actively participate in various projects with fund-raising campaigns, personal commitment and enthusiasm. Here are some examples of OSRAM's social commitment.

Art and culture

LiO - The OSRAM Light Art Award

Decades of tradition in showcasing “OSRAM Art Projects” continue with the “LiO” (Light is OSRAM) Art Award, which was presented for the first time in 2013. OSRAM wants to encourage young artists to produce aesthetic and artistic interpretations of the importance of light in our everyday lives.

OSRAM supports Deutsche Kinemathek

February is Berlinale time: In addition to the competition for the Golden Bear award, Berlinale offers numerous fringe events. One of these in 2017 was a presentation entitled “Building the World of Minority Report” given by Alex McDowell on February 12 in cooperation with Deutsche Kinemathek and OSRAM. OSRAM, one of the leading suppliers of film and cinema lighting, has been a sponsor of Deutsche Kinemathek, the Film and Television Museum in Berlin, since 2013.

OSRAM encourages young film talent

OSRAM, together with other companies and the Michael Ballhaus Foundation, presented the Michael Ballhaus Award for the third time at the First Steps Awards ceremony in Berlin. The award is for outstanding camera work.

Education and science

OSRAM at Techfest Munich 

300 hackers, developers, nerds, geeks, designers and innovators turned up to Techfest Munich from September 9 to 11 to experiment with the latest technologies and materials in a creative and festive atmosphere. OSRAM challenged the creative talent to produce something special. In keeping with the slogan “Light is Fashion”, participants were asked to create the fashion of the future using smartphones, light and clothing.


Girls' Day at OSRAM

On Girls‘ Day OSRAM OS in Regensburg provides exciting insights into the scientific and technical professions of the future. Female pupils are given the opportunity of experiencing the entire spectrum of semiconductor production and delving into the different LED production stages as part of practical workshops. With Girls‘ Day OSRAM wants to make a long-term contribution to increasing the proportion of women employed in technology, IT, crafts and science.

Light and education

Together with OSRAM, the Transfer Center for Neurosciences and Learning (ZNL) carried out a study on the effects of light on the performance of pupils at two schools in Ulm.

Welker Award

Since 1976 the Welker Award has honored research achievements in the field of compound semi­conductors. OSRAM supports outstanding scientists with the award, which is presented once a year.

Social and humanitarian projects

Cooperation with the German Red Cross (GRC)

As a new partner of the Red Cross, OSRAM is the first company to promote a pioneering and innovative approach to predictive humanitarian aid in times of natural disasters. Forecast-based financing provides money and resources to alleviate the devastating consequences of storms, floods or droughts – earlier and more effectively than before.



Voluntary work

On average, our employees in the USA volunteer 70,000 hours per year. Local activities and events are organized at many of the plants throughout the country to help local charities and causes. Over 140 employees from the Hillsboro, NH plant have participated in the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s “Sponsor-A-Highway” program, helping maintain and clean a section of New Hampshire roadway since 2004.

Behind the Scenes

OSRAM subsidiary Clay Paky was very much in evidence at the 8th Knight of Illumination Awards ceremony in London. Not only organizing and providing innovative lighting for the event, but also handing over a donation to the "Behind the Scenes" charity. The charitable organization supports entertainment techno­logy professionals in US and in UK in times of need.

Child protection organization AMAMOS

OSRAM Brazil, based in Osasco in the State of São Paulo since 1955, has been supporting the local child protection organization AMAMOS for many years. It maintains a home where 60 children and youths – abused and from broken families – are protected, looked after and supported by doctors, social workers and volunteers.

Development projects

OSRAM works on projects in developing countries together with NGOs (non-governmental organizations). This includes supplying lighting to regions without a permanent power supply, technologies for mobile water purification, and improving means of communication.

Corporate citizenship reporting

OSRAM’s corporate citizenship is implemented in various forms. They range from cash or in-kind donations, social sponsorship, support of cultural/social/educational events or institutions to memberships in community-related organizations. At its core for all activities are their social benefit and positive impact. In summarizing our activities below we adopted the definition of corporate citizenship expenditures of the London Benchmarking Group (LBG).


 Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy 2016 2015 2014
 Mio. €  3.71  5.0  4.9


(1) The numbers as of September 30, 2016 relate to OSRAMs continuing operations, without LEDVANCE. 

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