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Filename Type Size
PDF Public information according to the German Hazardous Incident Ordinance „Störfallverordnung“ Adobe Acrobat 75.4 KB
PDF Code of Conduct for OSRAM Suppliers Adobe Acrobat 66.7 KB
PDF OSRAM Business Conduct Guidelines Adobe Acrobat 134.8 KB
PDF Declaration of Conformity with EU Legislation Adobe Acrobat 613.0 KB
PDF OSRAM Policy for Environmental Protection, Health Management and Safety Adobe Acrobat 383.4 KB
PDF Osram Index List Environment Adobe Acrobat 276.7 KB
PDF  GRI G4 Report 2016 Adobe Acrobat  382 KB 
Communication on Progress 2016  Adobe Acrobat 149 KB 
Extract from the Annual Report on the subject of sustainability
Adobe Acrobat 440 KB
PDF  Flyer Sustainability at OSRAM Adobe Acrobat 847 KB


In case of need, the following certificates can be requested from sustainability@osram.com:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
  • OHSAS 18001 – Health and Safety Management
  • SA 8000 – Social Accountability System for OSRAM India
  • ISO/TS 16949 – Quality Management / Automotive Industry 
  • ISO 50001 for locations within the European Union

Downloadable product brochures - Consumer & Automotive lamps

Filename Type Size
PDF Tungsten-halogen lamps Adobe Acrobat 45.2 KB
PDF Compact fluorescent lamps Adobe Acrobat 54.9 KB
PDF Linestra Adobe Acrobat 45.2 KB
PDF Discharge Headlight lamps Hg-free Adobe Acrobat 101.7 KB
PDF Discharge Headlight lamps Adobe Acrobat 102.1 KB

Downloadable product brochures - Professional lamps

Filename Type Size
PDF Electronic control gear QUICKTRONIC Adobe Acrobat 48.9 KB
PDF Electronic control gear POWERTRONIC Adobe Acrobat 49.6 KB
PDF Electronic control gear HALOTRONIC Adobe Acrobat 46.3 KB
PDF Fluorescent lamps Adobe Acrobat 49.4 KB
PDF ENDURA Adobe Acrobat 52.6 KB
PDF PLANON Adobe Acrobat 49.0 KB
PDF Metal-halide lamps HQI, HCI Adobe Acrobat 112.2 KB
PDF Mercury vapor lamps HQL Adobe Acrobat 50.8 KB
PDF Metal-halide lamps HMI and HTI Adobe Acrobat 110.5 KB
PDF High-pressure sodium lamps VIALOX, NAV Adobe Acrobat 50.1 KB
PDF Low-pressure sodium lamps SOX, SOX E Adobe Acrobat 49.5 KB
PDF LINEX Eximer Lamp System Adobe Acrobat 49.0 KB
PDF HNS germicidal lamps Adobe Acrobat 50.2 KB
PDF Short-arc mercury lamps HBO Adobe Acrobat 114.2 KB
PDF Xenon short-arc lamps XBO Adobe Acrobat 103.7 KB

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