Eurovision Song Contest

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More than 200 millions of spectators worldwide watched the performances at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Stockholm. For the second time in succession OSRAM, as the official lighting partner for the ESC, provided the lighting for the 42 participating countries in the semi-finals and the final. The OSRAM subsidiary Clay Paky has been supplying products for the ESC shows for many years. As the official lighting partner for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, OSRAM turned the super show into a mega event for lighting technology. 

State-of-the-art lighting technology by OSRAM and its subsidiary Clay Paky

There had never been a performance at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) quite like the one by Sergey Lazarev for Russia. He climbed a wall, seemed suspended in mid-air and flew through space on an asteroid – perhaps the most spectacular stage show in the entire 60 year history of the competition. It may not have been enough to secure top spot in the public vote at the 2016 ESC in Stockholm – that accolade went to Jamala from the Ukraine with her moving ballad “1944”. But in terms of the three-dimensional combination of state-of-the-art video, lighting technology, stage set, choreography and singing, the show by Sergey Lazarev certainly set new standards.

“Lighting and video technologies will merge even more in future”, said Frederik Jönsson, lighting designer for the ESC in Stockholm. “I welcome this development as it will fuel the creativity of everyone involved.” According to Frederik Jönsson, the Eurovision Song Contest is like the Holy Grail for lighting designers. And that Holy Grail was found in Stockholm with the aid of Clay Pkay's products Sharpy, Mythos and Scenius.


Photo: Martin Bohm

Around 80 percent of the 1,000 moving heads installed in the Globe Arena in Stockholm came from Clay Paky. “We have been lighting the ESC for many years and are proud to contribute to the success of the show with our innovative products”, said Pio Nahum, CEO of Clay Paky. And not just in the Globe Arena but also in the center of Stockholm where seven landmarks were bathed in bright colors with the aid of the Lightify voting system and spotlights of Clay Paky.

Spectacular technology, music and one big party

The Lightify vote made a real contribution to OSRAM's modern and positive image. As was the case last year in Vienna, anyone using the free Lightify@ESC smartphone app or logged on to the www.osram.de/ESC website could award from one to twelve points to a song during the first minute of each performance – from red for a hit to blue for a miss. Depending on the vote, the Stockholm landmarks were then illuminated in the appropriate color – and homes were also turned into ESC color thermometers. More than 10,000 ESC fans downloaded the Lightify@ESC app, with many thousands of votes being cast in the final for the 26 songs. Not that it matters but way out in the lead was Australia – and Germany.



With light, with colour, and with our Lightify@ESC app the fans were part of the big show. They not only experienced the show, they were part of it. Everybody could vote from everywhere in the world and join in a public lightvoting party.

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