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LIGHTIFY Pro is an intelligent, wireless lighting system configured via a tablet PC. Users operate the LIGHTIFY Pro-compatible luminaires, sensors and push-buttons just using a smartphone or tablet. A highly flexible and convenient smart lighting system without wires with fascinating lighting functions.

With LIGHTIFY Pro installers and building managers can install wirelessly-networked lighting solutions with little effort for their customers, in offices, medical practices, law firms, agencies, restaurants and shops. No wiring or wall openings required.

The world's first professional wireless lighting using a mobile App

LIGHTIFY Pro enables extremely energy-efficient and cost-efficient lighting. It's the world's first wireless light management system for professional applications intelligently controlled via an App. As a state-of-the-art update, it is simply integrated into already existing conventional lighting systems. Push-buttons and existing luminaires for example can continue to be used.

Lighting control made easy via app

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