Dr. Christoph Peitz

is director of Smart Positioning Solutions at OSRAM. He heads the development team for the EINSTONE indoor GPS system.

Indoor navigation, digital loyalty schemes, support for the Industrial Internet of Things: The localization program EINSTONE offers a host of innovative application possibilities.

EINSTONE is a new OSRAM program for the provision of location-based services (LBS). It can be integrated into the existing lighting technology of a building or the street lighting of a smart city. Intelligent transmitter units with beacon functionality bring the online and offline worlds together. The transmitters send locational information via a radio signal to smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, thereby enabling a host of location-based applications, some of which are described below.


On the right track

EINSTONE can be used in public buildings such as retail stores, office complexes, or hospitals, or on large sites such as trade fair and event venues. A mobile app works out a person's location using the small radio transmitters with beacon functionality and backend access that are integrated into the building's lighting system. The EINSTONE technology can then direct them to any destination within the building–whether to a specific product in the electrical store, to a meeting room, or to a hospital room. The system is particularly useful for blind and visually impaired people who are reliant on guidance; smartphone apps with audio output are also supported.

Customer loyalty

Personalized offers

The EINSTONE technology can be retrofitted into existing lighting systems. As soon as a customer with the relevant loyalty app on their phone approaches, a retailer can send push notifications with individualized offers directly to their device. Supermarkets, department stores, and shops can inform their customers of location-specific promotional offers such as discounts and coupons, and offer them bespoke product recommendations. At the same time the retailer can analyze and utilize information such as movement patterns, usage behavior, and customer loyalty.


In the know!

Smart cities can point tourists to local points of interest–such as sights, hotels, restaurants, and shops–using EINSTONE technology integrated into the street lighting and a city smartphone app. EINSTONE will primarily be used for indoor tourist attractions. Integrated into the lighting infrastructure of a museum, EINSTONE sends information about an exhibit to visitors' phones as they approach it. The search for a parking space inside a parking garage can also be made easier with the use of EINSTONE technology.

Logistics and Industry 4.0

Intelligent processes

EINSTONE can be used as a logistics tool when loading or picking in warehouses, making work more efficient and boosting productivity. The transmitter units help to guide people and machines to the goods via the lighting infrastructure of the warehouses and industrial stores.

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