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Our benefits

We have high expectations – when it comes to our own performance, and the performance of our employees. This is reflected in the salaries we pay and the benefits we provide. All over the world, OSRAM offers a salary that is performance-oriented and competitive alongside extensive benefits.

Our benefits


As well as a basic salary, OSRAM offers additional short- or long-term remuneration elements that depend on the particular position, the employee’s performance and the corporate success.


All of our employees have different lives. Their needs are therefore also diverse. To be able to meet these individually, OSRAM offers a range of attractive benefits.


  • a company pension


  • various types of insurance
  • Deferred compensation schemes

Share Programme

  • asset acquisition through stock purchase plans

Fitness Programs

We promote the health of our employees. The sports club OSRAM e. V. (SVO) is one of Germany’s longest running company-sponsored sports clubs. Sports such as football, tennis, indoor cycling, chess or triathlon are all on offer.

(Link: http://www.svo1909.de/)

OSRAM for those with professional experience

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