‘Going beyond borders’ means far more than just breaking down geographical barriers. A merging of different perspectives widens the horizon. Our 24,600 employees around the world define OSRAM; every single one of them with their own individuality. Their diverse cultures, backgrounds and skills converge into the collaborative effort that makes us so successful. That is why we want our employees to be as diverse as possible.

Equal opportunities for everyone

We want our talented employees to be successful. It doesn’t matter where they come from, which cultural or social influences have influenced them, or whether they love men or women. Because their career opportunities at OSRAM do not depend on their gender, nationality or personal background. Our lighting technologies are developed by interdisciplinary, heterogeneous teams - diversity is one of the quintessential necessities for fresh ideas and different approaches. Only this interaction between people from different backgrounds generates ideas, and allows them to grow and mature.

The following initiatives and global projects are part of our diversity program: