When working in such a dynamic and competitive market sector, change and innovation are our constant companions. We must all work towards continued growth, both personally and professionally. Without a steady learning curve and an openness to new ideas, we would hardly be able to keep up or achieve our ambitious goals. Only when we achieve this, can we play a key role in shaping the lighting market as a global leader.

We can support you in further developing your knowledge, both professionally and methodologically, through numerous development and training programs. Anyone who wants to, can forge a new and exciting career path using these tools.

What are your development needs? How can we support you in meeting them? What would you like to learn more about? Your personal development plan acts as a compass, used to advance your personal talents in a targeted manner. It makes our corporate goals easier to reach together.

Our long-standing international commitment means we can offer you the opportunity to take advantage of your mobility and prove your adaptability, and to round off your personal and professional profile. You can bank on our support during planning and organization.

OSRAM for those with professional experience

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