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Application process

Have you come across your perfect job in our global Job Exchange, or would you like to send a speculative application? We’re happy to hear that!

There are a number of steps we’d like to make you aware of, from submitting your online application to being accepted for a job.

Here’s how it works:

Application process

Search for a position

Your dream job is listed in our Job Exchange: At the end of the job description page, you’ll find a link to our application management platform.

Haven’t yet found the perfect position but want to send us a speculative application? To do this, you simply need to set up a general candidate profile on our platform.

Apply online

Register with our application management platform. Once you’ve received your login details, log in and complete the application form. Have your most relevant application documents ready. Once received, our recruiters will assess your application in detail.

Telephone interview

If we think your profile merits consideration for the position advertised, you’ll be able to make your first, brief impression: We’ll invite you to a telephone interview.

First face-to-face interview

We’re interested! We’d now like to get to know you better, and would like to invite you to attend a first face-to-face interview. There, you’ll get to know your executive and recruiter, who will discuss your professional experience and key competencies with you. Of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask your own questions about the position, the team you’ll be working with and our company in general.

Second face-to-face interview

If both parties agree that the first interview went well, you’ll be placed on a shortlist. We’re then highly likely to invite you to a second interview. It is often the case that we need to further clarify organizational or content-related issues following the first interview; these can then be addressed in the second interview.

Contract offer

You’ve won us over! You’ll shortly receive a contract offer from us.


All in agreement and the contractual matters are settled? Welcome to OSRAM!


We’re so pleased to welcome you to your first day of work at OSRAM. With our onboarding activities, we’ll provide you with active support so that you’ll quickly be able to orient yourself with us here. You’ll then soon be able to fully focus on your new projects and tasks.

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