Today, Matthias might be called the “Director of Consumer Business, visible LED”, but he started by writing his degree dissertation on high pressure discharge lamps at OSRAM. He enjoyed it so much that he applied to join the company. The term “LED” was mentioned for the first time during the interview. “At the time, many of its applications were still a long way off,” Matthias explained. “You could say that I came of age at the same time as this technology at OSRAM.”

An exciting mixture of responsibility

Today he is responsible for bringing together people with different skillsets at the Regensburg location, so that they can develop, produce or sell LED products. “I find this mix of technology, production, sales and marketing issues really exciting,” he says. It also pleases him that “his” products mean something to everyone, And that they come into contact with them countless times every day – at the bakers, in the car, on the computer, on the telephone or at the airport. Everywhere, in fact.

“At OSRAM the person is always valued – the focus is never just on the task in hand.”

Matthias Winter
Director Consumer Business visible LED

The best colleagues

The best thing about his job, says Matthias, is its variety. And his colleagues. “It's a really pleasant working environment here. Of course, we sometimes have different opinions, but working together is always cooperative, often like working with friends. At OSRAM the person is always valued – the focus is never just on the task in hand. And that makes all the difference.”

To Asia and back

Now and then, Matthias has had to leave his dear colleagues, sometimes for a long period of time. For three and a half years he stepped into the shoes of Country Manager in Taiwan. “It was a unique experience, professionally and personally, to become familiar with a completely new culture and a totally different approach.” The head of sales for Asia at the time got to know him during a business trip – and decided to take him to Taiwan from Regensburg. “He carried out some fundamental changes in the organization in Asia, and put together a completely new team – a team that he firmly but fondly welded together. It really was a great time.” Matthias has brought a pretty little souvenir back with him from Taiwan. She is now five years old and talks incessantly.

Matthias didn't have to leave the company to study for his MBA. He only had lectures on Fridays. “My bosses supported me wholeheartedly in my project. They advised me whilst I was choosing the university and, above all, they gave me the flexibility I needed in terms of time. I was released one day a week to carry out my studies alongside my job.”

Matthias has had the MBA in the bag for a while now. These days, it would be a lot more difficult for him to learn after work. After all, the souvenir wants to play with daddy when he comes home.

"Light is my perspective
This is where know-how meets ingenuity.
That's how we shape the future."

Matthias Winter
Director Consumer Business visible LED

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