There are plenty of things to touch in the advanced development stage. “Advanced Development Automotive Division SSL” is printed on her visiting card. Jasmin works where OSRAM produces more than four million car lamps each year, in Herbrechtingen. With her physics bachelor's degree in the bag, she initially went to the Technical University of Darmstadt to do her master's in Engineering Physics. She subsequently looked for a company where her knowledge of optics was in demand. She then discovered an employment ad for her dream job, bringing her to OSRAM five years ago.

Starting in the Applications Department

Jasmin spent the first 18 months in the Applications Department. This is where light sources which have already been developed are further advanced to become one or more end products. Together with her colleagues, she didn't just consider how the applications could look, but she also helped customers in their search for the design to best suit each light source. This is called design-in support. “You give the customers tips as to which of a range of light functions they can realize and how the product can be designed,” explained Jasmin.

Then her tasks shifted increasingly into advanced development. “I now make optical measurements of the light sources that we have developed.” In other words, Jasmin checks whether the ideas that she has thought up, together with her colleagues, can also be realized. “We are constantly designing new light sources that haven't yet existed. Then we draft and construct prototypes and see if they function the way we thought they would, by measuring optical parameters.

Among other things, we check whether the amount of light actually comes out in the way we had simulated it in advance, in what direction the light comes out and what color it is."

“My job is a lot of fun. I can let all aspects of my personality flow into it.”

Jasmin Muster
Development Engineer
Specialty Lighting Automotive

Measuring under safe conditions

In the last few years, Jasmin has established five laser laboratories in Herbrechtingen – a great task for a person at the beginning of her career. Laser light for vehicles has become a really hot topic in the past two years or so, so it plays an important role in the advanced development stage. “Safety is a great challenge when dealing with laser diodes that are later processed into light modules”, she explains. “You have to design the space where you carry out measurements and tests in such a way that no-one can get into the beam of light and burn their eyes.”

Jasmin has never regretted coming to OSRAM. “My job is a lot of fun. I can let all aspects of my personality flow into it,” she explains. She sees herself as a perfectionist innovator, or, as an innovative perfectionist. “In my role, I have to be very structured and organized in many respects. Otherwise there'd be chaos. On the other hand, nothing works without creativity, especially in advanced development. In the end, we often sit together and jointly consider what we can think up next.”

From the laboratory to the racecourse

If, at the end of a joint creative process, a new light source would emerge, that's a really cool feeling, explained Jasmin. And it is even cooler if you then get to see your own “baby” used in practice. Much like the laser module that Jasmin had developed with her colleagues, which has now been built into a motor sports car. “We had the idea and we built the prototype,” she said. “When you see how our invention works in a racing car, you really do feel a certain pride.”

"Light is my inspiration
This is where research meets drive.
That's how we develop ideas."

Jasmin Muster
Development Engineer
Specialty Lighting Automotive

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