Janice specializes in optical systems design. She is an explorer, a scientist who likes to get to the core of things. “My thirst for knowledge is almost insatiable,” she says. That's what drives her in her daily work. She started out as an intern in the Shanghai office while she was still doing her master's degree. “When I graduated, they offered me a job. I was very pleased and didn't have to think twice about it.”

A common language is essential

In her job she speaks English a lot. “We have many conferences with our colleagues from Germany. Our LED business is global, and English is becoming more and more important.” This means that her excellent command of English comes in very handy. “I watch a lot of television programs and movies in English,” Janice explains. “They never dub them, but use subtitles instead. That way you are exposed to the language quite regularly. The English training that I received at OSRAM was also very helpful, especially in terms of actively speaking the language.”

But even when she is among fellow Chinese speakers, the woman from Hainan Island in Southern China speaks Mandarin instead of her native dialect. ”My colleagues in Wuxi come from all over China, and we use Standard Chinese as our common language,” says Janice.

“I feel appreciated for what I do. That's what makes OSRAM unique.”

Janice Zhou
Optical Engineer

Spending time with like-minded people

A lot of her friends work for international companies. There are many of them in Wuxi, an important economic hub that is sometimes referred to as “Little Shanghai”. The original city is 45 minutes from there - by high-speed rail. Janice considers herself to be very lucky to have picked the best company out there. “It's the corporate culture and the management philosophy that really make the difference. I feel appreciated for what I do. That's what makes OSRAM unique. But first and foremost it's the colleagues that I work with. They make all my efforts worthwhile. It's great to spend my time with like-minded people who are really passionate about their work.”

She met many of them when she went to the Opto Semiconductors location in Regensburg. “It was great to meet so many experts with whom I could discuss matters and learn from. I am hoping to go back soon.”

Light is my energy.
This is where fascination meets recognition.
That's how we illuminate the world.

Janice Zhou
Optical Engineer

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