There were good reasons for the break. After her apprenticeship, Franziska wanted to study for a dual degree course in mechanical engineering, but for that she needed her Abitur (university-entrance diploma). Within a year she got her diploma and was then able to enroll at the Friedrichshafen campus of the Baden-Württemberg dual study University.

Financed by OSRAM

“I didn’t actually want to study,” says Franziska. But, on the basis of her good performance, the HR Department made her an offer that she really couldn't refuse. “Siteco wanted dual students who also have good technical abilities. The company offered to finance my course,” Franziska explained. “I had always wanted to continue my training to become an industrial mechanic anyway. So why not study?”

Convincing work

This recognition for the performance of technically gifted Franziska shows that, for a long time now, women have conquered the typically male professions at OSRAM – and with great success. “It wasn’t easy to convince above all the men in the workshop that I, as a woman, could do the same or even better work. At first, I had to earn their respect but, in the meantime, they have recognized that female trainees can definitely match the skills of their male colleagues.

No fear of complex tasks

As a dual student in mechanical engineering, Franziska really benefitted from her practical experience. At the same time, her strengths in logical thinking and her constructive mathematical abilities proved to be helpful: “whether I am calculating, designing or working out 3D models – it’s no problem for me.”

“If you are creative, and think in a totally different direction to more experienced colleagues, that comes across well. You also earn to think outside the box!”

Franziska Obermayer
Bachelor of Engineering
Production and Management

Highly practical mechanical engineering

In the core subjects of design and development, I was mainly involved with facilities that enable the production of light sources. Siteco products light up locations such as the Humboldt Box in Berlin and the Hamburg Volkspark Stadium. Franziska builds the facilities that produce these light sources.

The construction or conversion of such machines often takes several years from the initial idea to their completion. During her three-year dual study course, from which she graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering, Production and Management, Franziska took the development of a machine further, together with her supervisor. The project took two years.

What she really liked about it was that her opinion was genuinely valued. “If you are creative, and think in a totally different direction to more experienced colleagues, that comes across well,” she says. “You also learn to think outside the box!” By the way – even if she hadn’t taken advantage of this opportunity herself, Franziska finds it is good that dual students have the chance at OSRAM to spend a semester abroad, in Africa, Shanghai or Boston.

A master’s degree? Later perhaps

First, she is giving herself some time to breathe. “Eight years of training is enough to be starting with. For now, I will be working in my department at Siteco. If I want to do a master’s degree, I’ll make that decision later.”

"Light is my motivation
This is where talent meets experience.
That's how we reach our goals."

Franziska Obermayer,
Bachelor of Engineering
Production and Management

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