The glass spikes ensure that enough light shines into the arena, with a capacity of 4,000, during the day. And yet, the approximately six-meter-high skylights only show their true splendor at night. That’s when the arena is bathed in shimmering colors by LED light from OSRAM in collaboration with light control systems from Traxon & e:cue.

The hall, in which over 20 different sports are played, gets its English name from the 84 glass spikes on its roof: Spike Sports Hall. At night each one is illuminated by a seven-meter-long LED strip from OSRAM. The impression is given that the building is glowing from within.

Dimmers and control software from Traxon & e:cue make it possible to program light for each individual spike and set it in individual colors, making it possible to create spectacular effects which can be very easily controlled via Wi-Fi.

For operators and users of the Spike Sports Hall, this system also offers a wide range of options for creating esthetic surroundings for international sporting events – from handball to hockey to basketball.

As well as professional athletes, the building complex is also used by amateur sports enthusiasts and students from the nearby university campus. The facilities, which were completed after almost 20 years of planning and construction, are a key attraction in the Hungarian capital and offer a range of fitness rooms, squash courts and saunas.

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