Intelligently controlled applications for home and office have been established: From domestic systems to electronic entertainment, digital solutions are replacing light switches or remote controls. “’Smart Home’ solutions are becoming increasingly popular”, says Kristina Kaase, Director of Business Development and Sales Strategy at OSRAM. “This also includes intelligent lighting of course, and the development of our Lightify technology platform is leading the way.”

Light in 16 million different colors

Lightify makes it possible to intelligently control LED lighting in offices and living spaces or in the garden. As well as switching lamps, lights or flexible LED strips on and off, this also includes controlling color and brightness via app. Lightify is integrated to your own Wi-Fi network via the Lightify Gateway. Commands are transmitted to the light sources via ZigBee, a wireless standard. The user can control these individually or in groups, program flexible times or store and call up favorite scenes.

The system offers around 16 million colors for home lighting. You can save your favorites, from the color scheme of a sunrise to a party mood. If the user likes the color resolution of a particular picture, he or she can photograph it and reproduce it in the room using the “Color Picker” system function. You can also use the system to protect your own home. If you want to make your home look occupied while you are away, you can use Lightify to define the lighting for a specified period or control it via remote control.

Lightify Home and Lightify Pro product ranges

Lightify Home is a range for the private user, Lightify Pro is for commercial use. “This can be hotels, law firms and practices, as well as whole office buildings where the customer wants to adapt their lighting flexibly for their own use”, says Kristina Kaase from OSRAM. In offices and public buildings flexible lighting control is particularly useful, as lighting that is controlled according to time and occupancy means maximum energy efficiency.

Lightify was developed by the Innoventures Lightify team. “Lightify was OSRAM’s first innoventure – it was pretty much an internal startup”, explains Kristina Kaase. “The technical basis of our system was already in place: the ZigBee wireless standard which is now enabling us to push ahead with our system as an open ecosystem.” Around 30 experts from the USA, China and Europe worked on Lightify at four locations. “We wanted a product that comes alive and can be continuously developed – via software updates but also based on feedback from our customers.”

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