Executives and their HR managers – together we identify, promote and provide support for special talents. The Talent Program, which has been in place for three years now, provides attractive portfolio elements, for example, a customized development plan or the choice of a mentor. In doing so, we foster a connection between OSRAM and promising global and regional talents, introducing them to responsibilities and exciting challenges early on.

Open mentoring

We aim to promote entrepreneurial thinking through our open mentoring program. The program enables employees worldwide to take a proactive role as an adviser or sponsor or as a learner. Mentors generally possess extensive expertise in a specific field and advise less experienced employees (mentees). Mentees, in turn, benefit from the knowledge of their colleagues, and receive a valuable impetus for their own daily work. In order for these relationships to yield results, we are consciously committed to promoting your personal development, even across hierarchical levels. Everyone can benefit from this kind of limitless exchange – an experience that is equally enriching for both your character and career.