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Global management and leadership development

Executives face great challenges. Developing strategies, driving innovation, mediating conflicts, making decisions and leading employees through changing times; each facet of their daily work demands the best from their management and leadership skills. It is therefore all the more important that they adapt their own abilities to the increasingly complex demands made of leadership positions, and can engage in further personal development. At OSRAM, we support and guide you in doing so through numerous global activities for executive development.

Global management and leadership development

Management and Leadership Development Program

We consider good leadership to be one of the most important drives for teams to function with excellence. The global OSRAM Management and Leadership Development Program provides the building blocks for an optimal management culture. As a future executive on the “Essentials of Leadership Program”, you’ll receive the best preparations for your new role and any challenges you may face in the future, as well as optimal support in your continuing development.

As a globally active company, we know that our executives must tackle a growing number of complex tasks. Working with otAs a globally active company, we know that our executives must tackle a growing number of complex tasks. Working with others across national and departmental borders is just one example of this. The people leadership skills and management skills of all executives must therefore be continuously scrutinized and strengthened. The Advanced and Senior Leadership programs provide you with support in this process, by focusing on the topic of personnel management. The General and Advanced General Management programs focus on business leadership. OSRAM places you in good stead to make maximum impact in the long term.

Coaching and feedback tools

Our offers include modern learning and reflection methods with a high degree of practical relevance. As an executive, you’ll benefit from daily direct transfers of knowledge, which will noticeably strengthen the skills needed for your role. Coaching, for example, provides you with the opportunity to reflect on and, if necessary, adjust, your own behavior in your current role under expert guidance in a series of complex work phases and management situations.

It is not always possible to fully assess your own actions and performance as an executive. You can gain a more differentiated idea of how your performance and your conduct are received and rated when this feedback comes from different perspectives. Those working in the executive’s work environment do just that as part of 360° Performance Feedback. Using an anonymous survey, they express their personal views and evaluations of the person on whom the 360° feedback is focused. These results are then compared with the executive’s self-assessment, facilitating the identification of strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Staff feedback

Employee feedback plays an especially important role in OSRAM’s corporate culture. During management dialogs, employees (at least four) provide their supervisors with valuable feedback on how they perceive their conduct, what they value and where they see potential for improvement. The supervisor themselves also joins in this assessment. Accompanied by a neutral facilitator, both sides express their views, particularly where these views appear to be divergent. This process allows executives to determine how they can optimize their own leadership behavior.

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